Factory 7 smoking Lounge

The Owners
The Making of a Legend
Manuel Lopez Sr. opened El Cubano Cigars in August of 2006, in a small suburb outside of Houston known as League City, Texas. At the time the store carried about three different cigar blends, barely any accessories and a humidor consisting of 5,000 cigars. Currently we make 18 different cigar blends, offer a huge variety of smoking accessories and a humidor with over 35,000 cigars on hand. Now with the help of my son Manny Lopez and grandson Julian Chase Lopez we have 6 generations of family in the tobacco business. El Cubano Cigars offers its smokers a comfortable lounge with an old Havana feel. Come by and be a part of this tradition that dates back over 100 years. Read More Here
Manuel Lopez Sr
Manny Lopez
Enjoy our smoking lounge with free Wifi internet.
Watch and learn the process of making a hand rolled cigar.
Learn the history behind the cigar from a family with over 100 years of experience in the tobacco business.

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